Welcome to Daham Niketanaya Buddhist Temple

.It is a place of peace and restoration, and a place to learn and practice Theravada Buddhism and meditation. In a chaotic world dominated by conflicting interests, both personal and global, Buddhism brings an awareness in our deepest being of the oneness of universal life.

Our Objectives are to establish and maintain a centre for education and training in Buddhist culture and Asian languages. Dissemination of the teachings of lord Buddha by providing access to literature, also conducting lectures and seminars, engaging in other activities to increase the awareness of Buddhism and meditation in the community at large. One of the main task is to promote social fellowship and harmony within the framework of tolerance, participation, loving kindness and compassion in keeping with the Buddhist tradition. Our Centre is also catered for the practice of mediation and encourages the practical observance of Theravada Buddhism for Buddhists and non Buddhists among Australians.