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The Daham Niketanaya was established in 1994 by the North Victorian Buddhist Association Inc. Now located at Yuroke, the temple's main objective is to maintain a centre for education and training in Buddhist culture and Asian languages. The temple also engages in activities to increase the awareness of Budhism and meditation in the community at large. One of temple's main tasks is to promote social fellowship and harmony within the framework of tolerance, participation, loving kindness and compassion in keeping with the Buddhist tradition.

The Centre also caters for the practice of meditation and encourages the practical observance of Theravada Buddhism for Buddhists and non Buddhists among Australians.

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'Vas Aradhana' (Invitation to the Rainy Retreat) is one of the important days in Buddhism. On this day the monks make a vow to stay in one place for three months as the rule which the Buddha and his community laid down. During Vas, monks remain inside the temple grounds, devoting their time to meditation and study.

Vas begins on the day of the full moon of the eighth lunar month of the Buddhist Calendar, which usually falls in July. At Daham Niketanaya, 'Vas Aradhana' took place on the 26th of July, and the monks made vows at the ceremony in the afternoon. Many people witnessed this remarkable event.

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